Our Ministries

Marriage Ministry
Our desire is to assist in building marriages that not only last, but flourish in Christ Jesus.
We believe marriage is ordained of God. Couples both inside the church, and out, will have access to resources that will empower them to grow closer to God, and one another.

Men In Action
As men in Christ we believe that Christ is the source of everything we are and have (James 1:16-18).

We strive to follow (1 Corinthians 9:26-27), to not run aimlessly, and to win the prize in Christ Jesus. We do our utmost to devote our lives and goals to God as we press to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of us (Philippians 3:12-14).

We are men who choose to be ignited, united, and multiplied with our Christian brothers for the glory of Christ. We choose to make a difference.

Women of Faith
Our mission is to help every woman feel accepted, loved and encouraged to develop a passionate, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We desire to support women of all ages, and stages of life, in their relationship with Jesus, so they are better equipped to understand his extraordinary plan for their daily lives.

Genesis Children’s Ministry
We provide opportunities for children ages 3-12, not just on Sundays, but throughout the week. Our hope is that you will take a moment to learn about the ways we want to help your children learn to follow Christ through the programs we offer.

Joshua Generation
A purpose-driven ministry that designs opportunities and programs that help develop youth ages of 13-18.

Young Adults Ministry
A purpose-driven ministry that designs opportunities and programs that help develop young adults ages of 19-25.

Caregivers Ministry
Leaders serving in this area are considered “under-shepherds”. They are ready to assist our pastoral staff in providing guidance to members of Word of Life PCC. As Aaron and Hur were to Moses, so are our Caregivers. They are to stand in the gap, aid in protecting and caring for the congregation as needed.

Ministers the good news of Jesus Christ through a variety of methods, such as neighborhood canvasing, revivals, and assisting in the establishment of churches in rural and urban communities.

Christian Education
Facilitates spiritual growth and discipleship of believers through a variety of educational curriculum. This ministry includes:

  • School of Ministry (auxiliary leaders & lay members)
  • College of Preachers (ordained & licensed individuals, as well as license-seeking individuals)
  • Alpha I (new Christians joining our ministry)
  • Alpha II (members who are recommitting, or transitioning from another ministry).

Intercessory Prayer
The intercessors guard (fortify) the activity of intercession (prayer on behalf of others; our leaders, ministry, and the community). They are actively committed to prayer both at home and in the local assembly.

Music Ministry
Singers and musicians dedicated to leading the congregation into a complete and fulfilling worship experience. Includes the Praise Choral, Soloists, and Psalmist.

Sacred Arts
Worship and adoration through hallowed mime, dance, sign-language, and banner ministries.

Media Ministry
Creates and distributes audio CDs of worship services, ensuring technical quality. Monitors sound, microphones, and staging for the music ministry, sacred arts, and others as needed. The PowerPoint Ministry, which utilizes computer monitors to display song lyrics, sermon points, and announcements during services, is also a part of this team.

Community Care Ministry (CCM)
Jesus saw the people and had compassion on them…

According to Luke 10:33-36 and Matthew 22:34-40, we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and have compassion for those in need, by displaying it through the act of giving.

CCM, which is a part of R..E.A.C.H. 1 CDC, collaborates with other community agencies to assist eligible families by helping to provide food, clothing, and other valuable resources.